Video End Event in Rails

How do you call an event or action after a video has finished playing? For example, I wanted a “Continue” button to appear after the video has finished.  Searching around this was a bit hard to find, so hopefully this post will help some people.

There is an “onended" function that you can call on the video object. This is how I do it.

Here’s the jQuery

$("#myVideo").bind("ended", function() {
   //whatever you want to do when the video ends

In Rails, here’s the coffeescript I use

$("#myVideo").bind "ended", ->
    # whatever you want to do when the video ends

Make sure the video tag in the html has the id that you’re referencing in the javascript/coffeescript.

<%= video_tag('FMCintro.mp4', size: "724x500", controls: true, id: "myVideo") %>

credit to this StackOverflow question. This one might be helpful too.