Save PDF to User Model in Ruby on Rails Using Paperclip and Prawn

I’m using paperclip and prawn to create pdf certificates for users and save them to the user model in the background.

Paperclip is often used for user uploaded files, such as images, so I was uncertain how to save the pdf that was created with prawn to the user model, since the user did not upload it themselves.  Actually turns out its pretty simple.

Once the pdf is created with Prawn (which I’ll write another post about), we simply use this code to save it to User.certificate in the database.

current_user.certificate ="#{Rails.root}/app/pdfs/x.pdf")!

So the trick here is to call and pass in the path to the pdf that I created in the background. Then simply save it to the user’s certificate.  The exclamation point is used on the save command to indicate that the command alters the object that its called on.  The exclamation point is often called a ‘bang’ in Ruby.

Credit here and here.


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