Pass a value through a link in Rails

I was trying to use the link_to method and it was giving an error

missing required keys: [:id]

I was trying to link_to a Supplier model from the PurchaseOrder index like this:

<%= link_to purchase_order.items[0].suppliers[0].name, supplier_path %></td>

Yes I know it looks convoluted – I have a somewhat complex database structure with several :has_many :through models that are nested and using accepts_nested_attributes_for

Anyway, I figured out via this Stack Overflow question that its actually quite easy to simply pass a value through the supplier_path like this:

supplier_path(:id => purchase_order.items[0].suppliers[0].id)

which gives my full link_to method as:

<%= link_to purchase_order.items[0].suppliers[0].name, supplier_path(:id => purchase_order.items[0].suppliers[0].id) %>

Don’t be confused by my convoluted code, essentially a simpler form would be:

<%= link_to, supplier_path(:id => purchase_order.suppliers[0].id) %>

Hope this is helpful!


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